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Internships and Summer Opportunities

Internship opportunities give students a taste of what permanent employment might be like in a given field. Below you will find a diverse selection of internship opportunities. some of these opportunities are paid positions and some are volunteer.

Summer Office Manager - Pine Lake Camps (Eldora, IA)

posted Nov 29, 2017, 11:18 AM by Unknown user

The Office Manager/Camp Store Manager is a summer staff member who is responsible for both receptionist and clerical duties in the Pine Lake Camps office and camp store. This person is a team player and will take initiative to assist wherever needed.

·        He/she directly assists the Camp Director and is often utilized by the Program staff, Director of Culinary Services, Maintenance Director, and Guest Services.

·        The Office Manager/Camp Store Manager is directly responsible to the Camp Director.

·        Summer Expected Dates of Employment: May 22, 2018 – August 20, 2018-$200.00 a week in return for lodging, utilities, food while provided for guests, internet, laundry.


• Must be at least 18 years of age by the first day of employment

• Basic knowledge of computers (Mac preferred) and good typing skills

• Pay careful attention to detail

• Excellent organization skills and ability to manage several tasks at once

• Good communication and customer service skills

• Able to learn quickly

• Understand that camping ministry requires flexibility and be eager to adjust accordingly-servant heart and be willing to assist in other areas as needed.

• Must be teachable

• Display consistent integrity in day-to-day living and respect for others on staff

• Demonstrate mature decision making in the absence of supervision

• Model a lifestyle which displays a heart of willingness to serve others

• Understand that PLC is a Christian ministry and therefore be willing to grow in a spiritual environment and to serve in this environment


·        Understand the Converge North Central Affirmation of Faith

·        Understand and adhere to the Pine Lake Camps Christian Community Statement

·        Graciously comply with all Pine Lake Camps policies and regulations

·        Open and close the office

·        Welcome and direct visitors of the camp office

·        Answer and transfer phone calls with professional courtesy

·        Sort and distribute mail, email and faxes in a timely manner.

·        Prepare many copies of all schedules and weekly information sheets/folders for staff and volunteers

·        Respond to emergencies in a mature and confident manner

·        Label and mail all lost and found items

·        Print and put together photo albums for each year

·        Facilitate and sort bulk mailings

·        Order items for Camp Store with approval from Camp Director

·        Monitor the need to purchase items for the Camp Store

·        Keep inventory of camp store-make sure items are not out of date

·        Reconcile camp store accounts on a nightly basis

·        Keep camp store clean and show ready for guests

·        Keep concise records on staff who purchase items from the store

·        Strive to cut costs of items in the store and to make a profit

·        Mount and distribute camper cabin photos each week

·        Maintain clean and tidy work space in both personal and common areas

·        Ensure office supplies are well-stocked

·        Serve all Executive Staff with various assigned tasks

·        Maintain absolute confidentiality of all office materials, discussions and encounters

·        Process registrations and confirmation letters as requested

·        Assist the Camp Director in facilitating weekly camper registration

·        Contribute to PLC programming needs as able

·        Assist summer staff with cleaning and preparing camp for the following group of campers (“Turnaround”)

·        Training of Summer staff

o   Explain how summer bank program works

o   Train them on how to run the cash register

o   Explain pricing on all items

o   Explain staff accounts (staff just like campers have to deposit money to have money to spend or they can cash and carry)

o   Primary campers are limited to one pop one candy per time

o   When camper wants to purchase 12 pack pop get counselors permission

o   Straighten merchandise as needed when they have a break in shoppers

o   Make sure they know camp store hours for the week

o   Restock pop and candy before they leave for the afternoon

·        Perform other duties as assigned by Camp Director, Executive Staff Members, and Program Staff.

 The information contained herein is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties and responsibilities of the job, nor are they intended to be an all-inclusive list of the skills and abilities required to do the job.

The Camp Director may assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job description at any time.

Adventure Coordinator - Pine Lake Camps (Eldora, IA)

posted Nov 29, 2017, 11:15 AM by Unknown user

The Adventure Coordinator is a summer staff member and key contributor to the summer program. He/she is generally responsible for working with the the Camp Director to provide safe and relevant adventure experiences for summer campers at Pine Lake Camps. This position is designed with training for the Adventure Coordinator to learn basic techniques and safety practices for all adventure program areas. The Adventure Coordinator is responsible to the Camp Director and Program Director. Expected Dates of Employment: May 22, 2018 – August 18, 2018 Compensation: $200 weekly salary; Room and board provided while on-site Qualifications 

• Must trust in Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior and live in pursuit of spiritual growth 
• Passionate about teaching and nurturing children and youth in their pursuit of a relationship with Jesus 
• Must be at least 18 years of age by the first day of employment 
• Demonstrate mature decision making in the absence of supervision, especially in situations where safety is concerned 
• Able to lift up to 60 pounds and work on feet up to 10 consecutive hours in a day 
• Understand that camping ministry requires flexibility and be eager to adjust accordingly 
• Self-motivated and able to work independently 
• Must be teachable 
• Display consistent integrity in day-to-day living 
• Model a lifestyle of honoring God by displaying a heart of willingness to serve others Responsibilities 
• Set, lead and strike various adventure skills classes (archery, outdoor skills, low ropes, rifles, etc.) 
• Understand the Converge North Central Affirmation of Faith 
• Understand and adhere to the Pine Lake Camps Christian Community Statement 
• Graciously comply with all Pine Lake Camps policies and regulations 
• Invest in regular upkeep and maintenance of various skills class equipment 
• Participate as a key member in operation of high ropes course activities 
• Assist with ropes course maintenance as needed and instructed 
• Maintain and care for Pine Lake Camps petting zoo 
• Assist in caring for the Pine Lake Camps garden 
• Provide support to summer program in assistance of set up and strike of games and activities 
• Report major maintenance and facility repair needs to Guest Services and Maintenance (GSM) Director 
• Report need for replacement or restock of various adventure related supplies to Camp Director 
• Assist Program Staff with evening games and other program events 
• Assist Summer Staff in cleaning and preparing camp for the following group of campers (“Turnaround”) 
• Willingly perform other duties as requested by Executive Staff Members and Program Staff

Central Leadership Institute (CLI) - Mesa, AZ

posted Aug 8, 2017, 7:41 AM by Unknown user

Paid Residency Opportunity Central Christian Church Mesa AZ

Central Leadership Institute is a year-long paid residency program that provides a combination of training along with a full-time ministry staff position within the context of a multi-site church model. Spend a year preparing for your future along with a group of peers. Gain experience in one of the following areas: Children’s Ministry, Student & Young Adult Ministry, Men’s/Women’s Ministry, Life Groups, Local Outreach, Global Outreach & Peacemaking, Campus Pastor, Pastoral Care, Church Administration, Video/Graphic Design, Web Design, Worship/Music, Tech/Stage Management.

Additional information and application are located on our website:

Central Christian Church is a cutting edge multi-site church in the greater Phoenix area. Central is a church designed for people to discover Christ as Lord and Savior, develop their faith and purpose in Him, and be deployed as committed believers to serve their families, friends, church, community and world.

All applicants must have completed an Undergraduate Degree, have a calling to full time ministry, and have the ability to lead and work with a team.


Rocky Kenoyer | Volunteer Staff Member

(425) 931-3812

Follow us: @CentralAZ

Pine Lake Camps, Eldora Iowa

posted Apr 27, 2017, 7:09 AM by Unknown user



Pine Lake Camp in Eldora, IA is currently looking to hire the following positions:

-         Life Guards

-         Counselors (Men’s and Women’s)

-         Kitchen Help

Work at Pine Lake would begin on May 22nd, and end on August 18th, however, they are flexible to work with College Students.

The Counselor positions would end by July 20th.

Please contact Mary Jo Litwiller (Director) at (281) 642-9307 for more questions

Please apply online at:

Summer Youth Counselor - Hope Ministries

posted Apr 7, 2017, 9:15 AM by Unknown user

Please see the attached document for more information. 

NE Iowa Church Planting Internship

posted Oct 28, 2016, 11:14 AM by Unknown user

Please see the attached document for more information. 

YouthWorks Paid Summer Job/Internship Opporunities

posted Oct 28, 2016, 11:03 AM by Unknown user

General Information

YouthWorks is a multi-denominational, nonprofit organization that exists to connect teenagers to God, each other and communities through life-changing, Christ-centered missions trips. As 30,000 people take part in service this summer at over 70 communities, we need over 300 college and post-college-age staff to be on the front lines leading this ministry. In the midst of leading around 65 students and adult leaders on a mission trip each week, our staff teams cultivate relationships, develop their leadership skills and deepen their faith. And they get paid to do it!


YouthWorks offers several types of summer staff positions/internships. Although each team member shares many of the same job responsibilities, unique areas of leadership define each position. All summer staff receive their community information and are trained at the beginning of the summer. For example, YouthWorks does not expect all Work Projects Coordinators to know how to teach every aspect of home painting prior to being hired. The main thing we ask is that you would be willing to learn.

Staff work together to create a spiritually focused and servant-centered mission site. All staff participate in evening programming in a leadership capacity and interact with youth at every opportunity. Other responsibilities include building relationships with community members, coordinating one meal a day and having a weekly check-in time with your supervisor. Staff must be flexible, teachable and willing to grow in all areas.


Promote an environment where youth connect their service to Jesus as you interact with them daily. Love and encourage students in their experience and faith journey. Partner with and provide leadership for daily work projects, children’s programming or service sites. Plan and facilitate a large group gathering each evening that includes worship, sharing, processing and interaction with provided theme materials.


Help youth engage in ministry by building relationships with community members through work projects. Learn how to set up projects and partner with local community contacts. Teach participants the basics of painting and watch them be transformed as they serve in new ways. See the lasting effect on both community members whose homes have been improved, as well as the teens and adults who completed the repairs.


Lead ministry by getting to know the various needs of a community and then discover how volunteers can help a local organization make a difference. Network with social service and ministry organizations to coordinate service opportunities for teenagers. See lives change as teenagers are taken out of their comfort zones and come face to face with Jesus in a new way.


Enable participants to participate in ministry while they experience the joy of loving kids ages 5-10. Facilitate a daily Kids Club and coordinate morning service opportunities. Prove leadership for participants as they create crafts, plan games, practice songs, and make a Bible story come alive. Come to know and love community kids and their families as you work with them for an entire summer.  See life change first hand as youth have the chance to love children with Jesus’ love.


Help youth engage in ministry by leading building and remodeling projects in the community. Work alongside community members. Refine your project development skills including supply ordering, budgeting and on-site management. Teach students the value of good work and tangible skills in construction. See the lasting impact of service on both community members and participants.


Lead ministry as you reach out to 10-14 year olds in the community by leading a daily sports camp program. Serve as head coach while participants plan and facilitate drills and scrimmages in a variety of sports. Explore valuable character traits found in the Bible and empower participants in leading small group discussions. Coordinate morning service opportunities for participants.


Utility Staff begin the summer assigned to a region, not a specific community. Be a “jack of all trades” and serve in a variety of areas. Be trained for several positions and offer support to Site Coordinators. Coordinate daily service activities and see participants’ lives change as they experience Christ through service. Support teams with spiritual encouragement and a servant attitude. Staff must be flexible and willing to adapt to changing roles and locations. At any point during the spring or summer, Utility Support Coordinators may be permanently placed with a team to fill an open position.


Potential summer staff must be at least one year out of high school to meet our minimum application requirements. Candidates must demonstrate good judgment and problem-solving skills, able to handle responsibility and have leadership experience. Staff should value youth and be passionate about serving. See our website for more detailed information about qualifications.


$2,750 + food/gas/housing

Dates of Employment

The dates for full-summer employment are May 22-August 9, 2017.

For more information or to apply, please visit our website

Contact Information:

Phone: 612-729-5444, 877-249-9904


YouthWorks Recruiting

5320 West 23rd Street Suite 130 

Minneapolis, MN 55416

Summer Staff at Yellowstone Alliance Adventures

posted Mar 1, 2016, 9:07 AM by JJ Routley

Yellowstone Alliance Adventures is looking for summer staff. Please see the attached documents for more details.

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