Creating Your Emmaus Email Signature

Visit this website in a new tab:
On the homepage, scroll down to where it says "Create a free email signature or sign up for more options." Then use the instructions and screenshots below to help you fill in the appropriate fields in the "Your Information" box on

MAIN tab:

  • Name: Your Name - required
  • Job Title: Your Title - required
  • Email: Your Email (first initial + last name - required
  • Mobile Phone: insert either your mobile phone or your Office Phone with extension - required 
  • Company Name: Emmaus Bible College - required
  • Website: - required
  • Upload Your Avatar or Logo Button
    • This is where our logo should be uploaded
    • Download the attachment at the bottom of this page (named EmailSignature_horizontal.png)
    • Upload that file in the "Upload Your Avatar or Logo" area
  • Office Phone: if you used your Mobile Phone above (in the Mobile Phone field), then insert your Office Phone with extension here. If you used your Office Phone above (in the Mobile Phone field), then leave this one blank.
  • Fax: leave blank unless highly applicable to your particular job
  • Address: 2570 Asbury Road - required
  • Address 2: Dubuque, IA 52001 - required


  • This is another area where you may personalize your signature for yourself. 
  • Feel free to include your social links (they show up as icons below your signature)
  • Best practices are to keep it simple (2-3 profiles at most). People want to know the best way to contact you, not every way.
  • If they are not valid avenues of communication for you, then leave them blank (as I did)


  • Select "No" in the "Show Banner" question

STYLE tab:

  • Signature Theme: Classic Stacked Layout 
  • Text Color: Leave as #212121
  • Link Color: Change to #0b5093
  • Font Style: Leave as Sans Serif
  • Font Size: Change to Medium
  • Social Icons: Leave as Round Icons
  • Icon Size: Change to Medium

Adding Your Signature to your Email Client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)

  • Once you are finished, click "Create Signature"
  • There will be instructions on implementing your signature
  • For most Email Clients (Gmail, Apple Mail, etc.), it's as easy as copying/pasting the signature that shows up in the preview:

If you encounter issues adding your signature to your 
email client, contact Nathan Phelan for help.
Jesse Fullan,
Aug 31, 2015, 1:28 PM