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Servant-Leader Training (SLT) Forms

Click here to access the Servant-Leader Training Application Form.
Please have the name of the ministry, your supervisor, and supervisor email when you submit your application.

Looking for SLT opportunities? Join the “SLT Opportunities” Schoology group. If you need help see your SLT Schoology Class.

Instructions for SLT Final Form Submission:

After you have completed ALL your service for a specific organization or ministry for the semester, complete the following steps:
  1. Complete ALL your service for a specific organization or ministry for the semester.
  2. Fill out the SLT Time Log (Available Here). You will need:
    1. Your dates and hours of service. 
    2. Supervisor Name
    3. Supervisor email
    4. Student ID # and other personal information
  3. Fill out the SLT Personal Assessment for that service or ministry (Available Here).
  4. Your supervisor will receive an email for them to submit the SLT Supervisor Assessment. You can remind them to submit the form and receive personal feedback if possible. Don’t forget to thank them for your opportunity to serve the Lord with them.
Follow these steps for each service or ministry that you were involved in for the semester as you complete your semester service.
See your Schoology SLT class or the SLT Opportunities group for more detailed information and all the required links and deadlines.

You can access a PDF of the latest SLT Handbook below:
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